Here are a few comments from happy customers: Recent ones first. 

Just in:


I've had a good go on the whistle now and I think its really good. I can get the kind of slurred chuffing sound on notes that I can get on a Copeland low D that I play but not usually on smaller whistles. I've played through a few tunes without stopping and the airway doesn't clog up which is something that happens with every other whistle that I play including a Goldie A that I used to have a while back so I have to stop and clear them as discretely as I can at some point.


25th May

Happy to tell you whistles arrived today! Hurray, and they are (and sound!) wonderful.

Thanks again for your great work and service! Cheers,


11th April 2020

Have received the whistle.( Wide bore D)  It is a marvellous piece of kit.  I am really pleased with it.  Thank you.


6th April

Hi John,

I got the whistle!( alto A) Thanks so much! It’s a brilliant whistle and super excited to do some recordings on it!



Hi John,

This morning I received my Whistle ! (Alto A)

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful instrument!

As a professional classical flute player I am used to play on very, very good instruments. So is this! Good tuning/intonation and a beautiful tone!

I am very glad I bought this "Shearwater" whistle from you.

Thanks again and keep going!


22nd Feb 2020


Now back in Spain.... and have had a chance to play the  (A) whistle..... it is wonderful and a Joy to play..... very forgiving. LOVE IT

Thanks fo the excellent service and support.



13 Feb 2020

Hi, I received my b flat whistle today! It’s marvelous! Next week I’ll be ordering a High D. Thanks



13th June 2018


The result is very good and the price affordable. You have achieved with more with less!  I loved playing them since I received them.

The sound of aluminum is pure with both low and high parts in the spectrum. The passage from the low octave to the next is surprisingly smooth!


6th June 2018

Hi John,

Yes, the G arrived today (just two hours ago) -- I'm blown away! My two x x x x  G whistles (the trad and alloy version) don't even come close! It's so stable over the whole range and has a beautiful sound, great response, sweet and easy 2nd octave (plays into the 3rd as well, I think I could get the whole 3rd octave if I wanted to). Great, great whistle! Thanks so much. I will write a nice review on facebook in the next few days, I already took some pictures but I also need to record some tunes with it of course. Thanks again! Keep up the good work.



24th March 2018


John Bushby of Shearwater Whistles is now producing some lovely brass instruments. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this lovely brass model in the key of C, for a quick test drive.

This is a tasty whistle. VERY TASTY.

Have a quick listen, and then just go and order one. Top Irish whistle player Brian Hughes.


6th March 2018

Wanted to update you after 2 weeks of practice with your wonderful instrument. I'm getting the 2nd register reliably. The tone is sweet and a bit airy, more whistle than recorder -- just what I was looking for. The pitch is right on for the whole chromatic range in both registers and stays on. I love this thing. Thanks so much!


6th March 2018

Hi John,

I received my F alto whistle today. It's beautiful. I love its sweet and soft voice. Very impressed. It's got a lovely tone and is incredibly easy to play.


19th JANUARY 2018

John - many thanks for the wonderful Low C Whistle. It sounds beautiful and is remarkably easy to play. I expected the stretch, even with the Piper's Grip to be a challenge - it isn't , The tuning is excellent and I am already playing it across the full range with no problems.


I really don't know how you can produce such instruments so cheaply! Thanks too for packaging it so well and for sending it recorded delivery.


All the best for your business in 2018.


24th August 2017

I just received my tuneable Alto F alloy whistle, and am absolutely delighted! I really can't get over the quality you've achieved, especially for the price. It's easy to blow, seems well in-tune, with lovely tone; overall just a real pleasure to play. I've often struggled to justify alternate keys because of the cost vs. amount of use, but you made this decision easy, and the result has FAR exceeded all my expectations! I have a feeling I'll actually use this whistle much more than I planned. Look out F tunes, here I come! :-) Again, thank you SO much! - (Edited to add ... P.S. Just home from sitting in on a gig with some friends, and I'm pleased to say the whistle played perfectly with others. WIN!!!)


2nd Sept 2016

G'day, the 2 whistles arrived today, low D and alto G. May I say that I love 'em.

The low D has a lovely timbre, and even though I have biggish hands and short fingers I have no problems playing using a pipers grip.

The alto G is a pleasure to play.  

Thanks again and please feel free to add my comments to your website if you like.

All the best, Pete, Tasmania


24th May 2016

Hi there,

All good, just received it today (Wednesday here). I know, it's unbelievable to think it could take that long to get here, but I guess it is Australia, far from everything. Never mind, it's here now and it looks and plays great, I'm really pleased and thrilled. Thank you so much for your craft, it's an art.

All the best,



20th May 2016

John - I have my whistle! It's excellent. Thank you!


13th May 2016

Hello, I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how pleased I am with my low whistle (f) I bought from you a couple of months ago. I'm a complete amateur and have only started learning the low whistle properly. Before I used a different make and couldn't really get into learning it as the notes and blowing wasn't consistent. I've always loved this instrument and look forward to ordering another in a different key from you.

Thanks again


Iam very much looking forward to playing tunes on your soprano 'c'

the soprano 'd' that you made for me has such a beautiful tone, especially for recording, and intones well when warmed can really hear the sweet tone when you play back the recording. i figure the 'c' is well worth the investment! By the way, i have a lot of whistles and, i must say, yours are amang me favorites...


Bass Bb

Thanks so much!  It’s amazing; I absolutely love it!  Took a bit of getting used to the extra stretch on the larger whistle, but it sounds amazing.  It has such an ease and responsive jump to the higher octave, which make it such a versatile instrument for me; and I look forward to years of whistling with the bass. :-)  Austin, UK


The F Whistle I recently bought from you is fantastic – I’ve been playing for 37 years, and it is by far my  favourite. Lovely tone, smooth transition to the upper octave and responds to gentle blowing. Can’t wait to try the D. Sarah Farmer UK


This is a lovely whistle, one of the best I have purchased many thanks, superb.


Hi John, just got the whistle, love it, will be ordering more in the future!



Hi John

I received my whistle today.  I've already fallen in love with it!  Thank you so much.

All the best



Hey John

The whistle is here

And I love it!!!!


Thank you so mutch - you did a great Job - thump up  

I never wont any other

Im so glad

Cheers Heike



12th January2014

wouldn't hesitate in recommending your products to anyone - great value and many thanks.

Kind Regards Tony,UK



 13th June 2014 - "Just a quick note to say I received my high D whistle about ten days ago, ' played it a lot and I am very pleased with it. I would say it has a soft (but not too quiet) sound and is very sweet (not reedy or chiffy) - just the sound I was looking for. All round a very nice whistle to play, easy on the ear and very expressive. Hope to be coming back soon for an alto A and then a low F. Kind regards Pete (Gloucestershire)"


11th June 2014; "I bought a fantastic Alto F Shearwater! And It's sound is pretty amazing and well tuned! Thanks a lot John! Padua (Italy)


4th June 2014"John of Shearwater Whistles is a manufacturer of whistles available and patient, who, with passion and professionalism, was able to solve my problems of hands / fingers that I had trouble covering some holes in my Low D whistle. Remigio. Italy


Hello John! I got the whistle today! Its beautiful and I've had it by my side all day. I love the rich sound! Thank you so much for everything!!

-Bobby, happy customer! USA



hi john - just wanted to say my (soprano alloy D) whistle is so lovely! the sound is sweet and clean and warm, and although i am a beginner really on this instrument, it seems very easy to make a harmonious sound! i am so pleased with it, thankyou Beth, UK



The Low D arrived today.  It's exactly what I hoped for when I originally ordered it.  C sharp is right on, cross fingered Cnat is close enough for when I need it.  Top end is not sharp or shrill. 

Nathaniel Dowell, USA



I have bought a low C low F , Bass A and soprano Eb from John this year and can safely say they were all a great buy.

As a full time working musician they have came in very handy and usefull to have.

The quality and finish of the whistles are great and would recommend them to anyone serious about playing whistle. You will get great pleasure out of playing John’s whistles.

Matt Ódeighain: Pro musician form UK/Ireland


I am most most pleased with the whistle! Thanks so much, looks and sounds great. Great product, thanks for everything,

 Hish USA


The whistle arrived today and I'm absolutely delighted with

it. I've only been playing the whistle since Christmas when my wife

bought me a cheap whistle as a daft present (I'm 60 years old and

officially an old git!) However, I really enjoy messing about on the

whistle and have bought better whistles to try to try to get better

tone. To be honest I've not been pleased with any of them. I could have

saved a pile of money by coming to you first. The whistle is a real

quality item and brilliant value for money. I love the solid feel in

the hand and the breathy, smooth tone - no harshness at all. It

requires a wee bit more breath than some of the whistles I've tried but

this is not a problem. Although I am not a musician by any stretch of

the imagination, my wife is and her first comment when she heard me

playing the whistle was "What a beautiful tone!"

More power to your

elbow for providing a personal service and superb whistles at

extraordinary value for money.

All the best,



Arrived today thanks very much,

nice player it is too. I think I'll be back for a "Wee D" soon


Got you whistle by mail. A beutiful instrument, thank you! Soon it will be used in our new recordings and gigs.

Planning to order some other you whistles.

Thank you!

George (Russia)


Just got the two Fs there today and have already played them on a gig fantastic once again you have out done yourself fair play great tone and so easy to play.

Cheers Again

Paddy (Ireland)



The whistles are arrived just now. Thank you very much for your business.

The handwork is really beautiful and the sound is what I was looking for.

I hope to deal with you again in the future.


All the best

Paolo (italy)


I just thought I'd let you know that I'm really enjoying this whistle. It's just what I was hoping for. The tone has the right amount of huskiness for the bluesy stuff I like to play (and good for trad too!). I'm pleased with the cross-fingerings in the 1st octave, and really pleased to discover that uncovering the thumb hole gives me Bb and G# in the 2nd octave. Not too shrieky at the top end. I can't hit 3rd E reliably but maybe that will come. This is an all-around whistle!


Todd USA 28/4/11



Just as you said the whistle ( an alloy F) showed up today.  I let it warm a bit and it is perfectly in tune.  The sound is beautiful and the volume/octave control is outstanding.  This whistle was worth the money and the wait.  This whistle easily became one of my favorites on the first day.  Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship and outstanding service.  I know that I will be ordering more from you soon.

 Tim Rickett, Montana, USA


The whistle arrived today, and I love it!

It has a great tone and is a lot easier to play than I expected. This is my first attempt at a low D and having smallish hands I wasn't sure how I'd go with the extra stretch, but the offset finger holes are brilliant. I'm very impressed at how responsive it is. It requires a lot less breath than I expected and moves easily between octaves without effort.

 Thanks so much, Amber (New Zealand) 03/08/10


Hi John, just to let you know that I got the whistles on Saturday and they are great!  They sound lovely, and I am very pleased with them. Thanks again. 

. Many thanks, Claire  27/7/10



The whistle is great and just what I was after so you have yourself a good design there!

Thanks for all your help, Izzy ( A alloy pipers whistle) July 15th 2010



Whistles arrived today.  They are absolutely wonderful and the best I've played.  Thanks ever so much.  I've spent a fortune over the years on various makes that don't even compare.  Wish I'd found you sooner.  One happy customer in UK!


HI guys,


My amazing whistle has arrived today and I am overjoyed with its performance. Your product is such a simple design but the tone of the sound is truly awesome. It has a rich and haunting sound that is extremely easy to blow. Having read your website I was expecting to have to tune the whistle but I checked the tuning on arrival with a digital chromatic Korg tuner and it was perfect for every note. A slight tweak of the mouthpiece could perfect the tuning. The tone is totally amazing and at least equals a 100 pound low D whistle that I had previously borrowed. The tone is not as edgy as a metal tube but the whistle gives a haunting mellow sound that is very pleasing and very impressive. This sound is perfect for long airs to give an atmospheric sound. Unlike a traditional low D the holes are placed in very nice ergonomic positions and easy to find using a pipers grip. The polymer tubes that are used in this whistle are very effective at producing the sound and are very robust. I aim to use this whistle for camping trips where we shall be playing traditional folk music around camp fires and I can relax as I know how durable the whistle is. The wood block mouthpiece is amazingly comfortable to play for long sessions and it never seems to block with moisture. This was something I found regularly happened with more expensive whistles. The wood does sometimes get a little moist after playing for a long period but this can be rectified with the use of a little almond oil found in most chemists.



I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful product and for saving me a fortune in selecting your whistle. It has proved to be as good and if not better than a traditional low D whistle.



"I saw your whistles listed on ebay and got the link to your website from there. From your website I was very impressed with your set-up and products.

I could not find any reviews of your whistles anywhere, so decided I would go for one as I wanted a low F whistle.

As I didn't have the chance to play one or even hold one I didn't know what to expect.

When the whistle came I was pleasantly surprised. I am very happy with the playability and tone of the whistle.

I have other whistles in different keys costing twice as much as your low F, and For tone and playability, I would rate your whistle every bit as good if not better than the more expensive ones.

I am very pleased to have purchased one of your whistles, and hope in the future to purchase more in other keys.

Also can I add that the communication from your company was second to none from purchasing the whistle through to updates on postage etc.

Cheers Trevor Hopper (A very happy whistler!)" Ireland


The new Low D whistle arrived in the mail today. Thank you very much

for your unending efforts on my behalf!


The sound of this whistle is beautiful over the entire range of the

 scale and it moves easily and beautifully to the higher octave.

 I am especially impressed with the stable low D tone (all holes

 covered) -  the tone remains very steady.

 It is a joy to play and very easy to fine-tune. To my ear, the octave

pitch is perfect - definitely no need for tuning tape here.


 I have asked my wife to make me a protective bag from soft felt or

 velvet for this fine whistle, in the proper length for it.

 I will cherish this beautiful and fine-sounding instrument for many,

 many years to come.


 I am so grateful for to you this fine flute and I´d like to thank you

 for working tirelessly to produce an instrument that I am very much

pleased and content with.


your music friend Bengt  :-)" Sweden





"Just to say that the whistle has arrived and sounds wonderful."   Many thanks,  Laurence Mann


"Great item - exactly as descibed - thankyou"  Ebay customer



"Great personal service, quick delivery." Ebay customer



Just sending an email to let you know the whistle arrived very quickly, and before Christmas and was very well packaged.

I am very pleased with the G whistle and there is a lovely sweet tone from it.

I hope to do business again in the future. Great service!

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Many Thanks,

Trevor in Ireland



It finally arrived on Friday. I am very happy about it. It has a wonderful mellow sound and is very easy to play. I love the wooden mouthpiece. It weights very little, so it is also easy to hold while playing. Thank you very much. It's worth every penny.

 Kind regards,

Bruno ( Spain)


Excellent instrument for the price with first class communication Five star service,first class product .

First class service, very nice whistles . Lovely whistle. Well packaged. Excellent communication. V. Satisfied.

My first whistle.Very happy.Quick delivery.Good communication    More Happy Ebay customers.



7th May 2009


I received my D Low Whistle today. It arrived safely. I haven't learned to play yet, but I was able to play the scales. It sounds great and looks beautiful! Thank you so much! I've left positive feedback for you.

Thanks, again, Freda Odom, United States


24th July 2009

Hi John, got it today and very pleased. Always assumed that a low whistle would be hard to master but as you say, not hard to blow and a sweet tone. Long way to go of course but thanks for pricing it so reasonably and for being so helpful.

Cheers, Mike



F tuneable