short tailed shearwater Oscar West

One happy customer with a selection of about 10 whistle

he purchased.

Ed's whistles

Another selection for a customer.  

L-R Soprano D with extra C up to a Bass A

Recorder C Whistle

Recorder C Whistle

tuneable brass F tuneable new black PVC D collection

Brass Tuneable Soprano D, C E, Eb and Bb

Tuneable or on tuneable Low and Alto alloys.  Available in Bb, A, F, G, E,

Eb, D, C.

Black PVC/ Polymer Low and Altos. Available in D, E, Eb, Bb, G, A.  White available on request.

soprano C Dc E F G

Soprano alloy available as tuneable or non- tuneable. Keys available G, F, E, Eb, D, C.  D with extra bottom hole also available.


Shearwater Whistles

Brass tuneable D or C horizontal brass alto F 2

Tuneable brass bodied alto F and G