Stringed Instruments

Apart from whistles we also make a variety of stringed instruments.  

Bouzoukis, citterns, dulcimers, mandolins etc

Prices depending on timber, hardware eg machine heads for bouzoukis start around £1400

Mandolins- £995


Ducimers- Start at around £550

Please contact us for more details  [email protected]

Mal's bouzouki 1

A few pic of bouzoukis  They either have floating or fixed bridge like a guitar.

10 string cittern. These have a larger sized body that the 8 string bouzouki as they have an extra bass course of strings.  Can either have floating or pin bridge like bouzoukis.


Appalachian Dulcimers 

Weissenborn guitar ( slide) inc some construction pics

I use mainly mahogany ( African or Sapelli) for my instruments with either Western red cedar or spruce for sounboards with mahogany for necks.

I tend to find these suit the instruments.


Other timber for backs and sides are available on request, however   most will increase the cost of the instruments.


As with my whistles I like to keep fair prices whilst not compromising on quality and sound.  


I am in the process of putting up some sound clips of some of the imstruments.Stay tuned.