You will probably be thinking that are there not enough whistles out there in music land?

The quick answer is probably yes.  But.........

As a player  of whistles  for many years and other instruments including various bagpipes, I have never been entirely happy with the many different whistles I have tried.  


What I am aiming for is an instrument that not only plays well but is a reasonable price for the  player who is just getting into low whistles or even more advanced players.  So many whistles are highpriced and their performance is often unsatisfactory.

Whatever anyone says a straight bored wind instrument is always a compromise tuning wise.  It is just the nature of the beast.  There are so many variables and it all depends somewhat on the player; how hard they blow etc.  It is amazing how much you can alter the pitch of a wind instrument just by changing the breath pressure.  Air temperature is hugely important too!

I would never claim that my whistles are better or worse than anyone elses because each maker has a different sound etc.  What I will say is that for the price and playability I'm sure you will be happy.


The whistles are made from Alloy tubing with synthetic (food quality) mouthpiece blocks or Black PVC tubing and if requested a contrasting mouthpiece, tunable and have a 'plastic' mouthpiece block with curved wind way to minimise condensation.  

Being handmade in my small workshop there will sometimes be slight differences in the external shape of the mouthpiece as each one is individually shaped.  This makes no difference to the sound or tone. I am happy to custom make* an all white whistle with black mouthpiece if requested.


READ ON...........

Why Shearwater?  The Shearwater is a small migratory seabird and it is found on the Bass Strait islands off the north east tip of Tasmania, Australia.  I migrated from Tasmania to the UK in 2005 so there you have it....


Our sopranos have a bright and clear tone in both octaves with balanced volume, as do all our whistles. The change from first to second octave in all key is excellent. The whistles are well in tune with themselves.  Tuneable whistles have fine tuning possibilities and you will find that very little movement is required. They are however made with a moderate amount of movement with the tuning slide.




Most recent testimonial:  Matt Ódeighain: Professional musician from UK/Ireland


I have bought a low C low F , Bass A and soprano Eb from John and can safely say they were all a great buy.

As a full time working musician they have came in very handy and usefull to have.

The quality and finish of the whistles are great and would recommend them to anyone serious about playing whistle. You will get great pleasure out of playing John’s whistles.


 Too many good quotes from cusomers so please see our comments page!


* Please note to avoid confusion: Custom made means whistles made to order ie. White bodied whistles or other combinations of colours and or keys.  My normal PVC whistles are black, alloy or aluminium/black PVC mouthpiece mouthpiece block.  Any other combination is custom made.



Shearwater Whistles

Handmade Polymer ,alloy   Low whistles in a variety of keys and Soprano Brass whistles.

Warm, clear sound, offset tone holes, easy to play


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BRASS bodied soprano whistles are now available.  At the moment available in D and either tuneable or non tuneable.  They have an acetal mouthpiece and acetal mouthpiece block.  Have a lovely sweet but strong sound. 

Check out some videos from Brian Hughes playing our whistles on our FACEBOOK page inc new brass tuneable C!



Brass Bodied alto Gs and Fs are now available

see Photos page.





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